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Glenn Skala

My Story

I grew up in a Christian household located in Glen Ellyn, IL. I came to know Christ as my savior when I was very young. My missions experience began during my four years of High School. I went on four short-term mission trips with my youth group. It was during my fourth missions trip, in Bogota, Colombia, where God revealed to me that I had been hiding my faith from people the past four years. I was fired up for missions but when I was back home at school I would not express my beliefs to anyone. In Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus tells us not hide the light that we have, and it was from that moment that I decided to let my light shine for all to see.

After graduating from High School I studied at Taylor University. I was able to continue going on short-term mission trips during my four years at college. I went on two longer trips to Paraguay and Ecuador, and another week long trip to El Salvador. I also spent a summer leading short-term missions in Steubenville, Ohio and I organized and advocated for missions during my Senior year at Taylor University. It was through these experiences that my knowledge about missions grew, my ability to build meaningful relationships cross-culturally increased, my heart for service increased, and my passion for missions grew. From there I decided to pursue missions full-time after I graduated from Taylor University in 2013.

Ministry Focus:

Go, and love those who are lost and hurting, leading them to find salvation through a relationship with Christ, discipling them in the Bible's teachings, and raising up groups of believers to go out and share with others who have not heard the Good News yet.

I will be serving in Guadalajara, Mexico. The ministry there involves participating in weekly Bible studies within house-church groups. Building relationships with believers and non-believers. Serving and teaching children and young adults in community centers and orphanages. Using art in ministry to teach and share the Gospel.

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