Haley Mefford

Ministry Focus:

So far, TEAM has planted four churches across the city of Prague, and they are working diligently to further their outreach and bring more people to know the Lord in creative ways. I will be serving though teaching English. Czechs recognize the importance of education and are eager to learn English from a native speaker, so this is an excellent opportunity for us to build relationships and share the gospel. My hope is to be a teacher as well as a friend to non-believers that attend my English classes.

The People:

Prague, the capital city in the Czech Republic is home to about 1.3 million people, and the country itself claims to have the highest atheist population in Europe. Only about 3% of the people in Prague claim Christianity. Jesus said, ?The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few? and this is so true in Prague. They are lost and without hope! I am eager to share the love of Jesus with them and will be doing so through TEAM, an organization that seeks to establish reproducing churches wherever the most people have the greatest need.

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