Michelle Reynolds

My Story

I wasn't always on the path of a Missionary... I went to college and graduated with a Police Foundations diploma. It all started from there. If you'd like to read how I got to where I am now, and what my next steps will be, please feel free to check out my blog. It's linked to my profile here. :)

Ministry Focus:

I am in the process of fundraising to go to Tokyo, Japan, to be a youth leader. I am currently a youth leader in my church back home, and have been so for the past 5 years. I have a passion for working with teenagers and seeing them grow. Japanese culture has a lot of pressures that comes with it, and I want the teens that I will be working with to know they're not alone, no matter the struggle. It's my dream to run a baseball outreach program through local churches to help bridge the gap between the unchurched and churched Japanese communities. I'd love to create a safe, approachable environment for the unchurched people to approach the church. My goal is for them to start asking questions and to have some fun while making lasting friendships. Hopefully through that we can show them the love of Christ and have an opportunity to tell them why we do, what we do.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray for me as this next year unfolds. I still have a few courses of school to finish and lots of fundraising to accomplish. Please also pray for all the missionaries on and off the front lines to stay encouraged and continue to press towards the goal.

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