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Mike Atmore


My wife Jessica and daughters Addison & Alexis.

Ministry Focus:

Serving the Japanese through ESL, discipleship, Bible studies, and relationship evangelism among other ministry initiatives focused on sharing and spreading the Gospel. Additionally, Japanese who accept Christ while outside of Japan usually come back home without the support of a local body of believers while struggling to connect with the Japanese church. We have felt God place a burden on our hearts for these ?returnees? and are seeking God?s will for this portion of our ministry. Our two daughters Addison and Alexis will also be serving alongside us as a vital part of reaching out to the Japanese youth.

The People:

Japan is a country that lacks nothing from a worldly perspective. Many of the Japanese have ?laid up for themselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy? and yet, while they seem to have so much, those same people still feel empty and are left suffering, lost, and searching. Holding fast to the traditions of their people group, they turn to idols of various kinds and find no satisfaction for the hunger that God has placed for Him in their hearts. Only the Bread Of Life can lift their spiritual starvation in the way that leads to eternal life.

Primary Prayer Request:

The Japanese are one of the least-reached people groups in the world. With a population of about 127 million, less then one percent are evangelical Christian. Pray that God will break down the strongholds of Shintoism and Buddhism that Satan has used for centuries to enslave the Japanese people.

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