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Caleb Murrell

My Story

Any chance I have, I am outdoors, traveling, riding bikes, swimming, fishing and napping in the sun. I love these adventures with friends and family.

I was born in Los Angeles, spent my Childhood in the mountains of northern California, and finished high school east of San Diego.

In conjunction with a discipleship relationship, I experienced God's love and commissioning in my life for intercultural discipleship. I ventured to Chicago to learn more of who God is through studying Intercultural and Pastoral Ministry.

I worked for Moody Bible Institute's Urban Cohort Program training up young men and women for cross-cultural ministry in Chicago's ethnic and under-resourced communities.

Having served short-term with TEAM and having a heartbeat for empowering the people of God to follow in the mission of God, I am now serving as a Missions Coach in Southern California.


Mission Coach

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