Zach Baliva

My Story

I was born and raised in Illinois and attended a Catholic church where I learned stories from the Bible. Around age 15, I grew frustrated by my faith. I knew a lot about the Bible, but I felt that something significant was missing. When some friends invited me to their church, I was shown what a vibrant prayer life looks like, and I understood more about a personal relationship with Christ. That's when I started truly following Him in a more meaningful way.

I studied filmmaking at Columbia College in Chicago, where I met my wife, Naomi. We moved to CA, where I worked at Warner Brothers supporting the producers of ER and the West Wing. After a series of personal hardships, we started re-evaluating life, and sensed God calling us to something else.

Naomi, who served in the US Navy in Italy, started investigating missions, and we eventually served with a church planting team in Rome from 2011-2013.

That experience changed our lives as we saw the need for the gospel among Italians, refugees, and human trafficking victims. We returned to the US in 2013 but our desire to reach Italy with the gospel never left. We joined team in 2018 to work with their ministry initiatives in Northern Italy.


Naomi, Anthony 2/10/10

Ministry Focus:

Church planting, discipleship, supporting Italian Gospel workers, equipping Italians to bring the Gospel to Italy. Creating mainstream film projects with redemptive themes, building community, producing Italian-language video and media content for use in churches and other initiatives.

The People:

Primary focused on reaching and equipping Italians.

Primary Prayer Request:

Many are surprised to learn that Italy is hard soil and bringing the Gospel to Italians takes time. Pray for perseverance and opportunity. Pray for more workers and for American churches to catch the vision for church planting in Europe.

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