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Sara Whitman

My Story

Sara was born and raised in a Gospel believing family in Bologna. She returned to Italy with her husband Joshua as full time workers since 2007. They have three wonderful children, and are involved in many different ways in the city they live in, Imola.

Ministry Focus:

We are dedicated to building communities of the Gospel in the city of Imola. Places where family, day to day life, and Gospel living all cooperate into building God?s kingdom in this city. The Chiesa Evangelica La Rocca (The Rock Evangelical Church) is involved in organizing summer camps, Evangelism through English lessons, city wide events, and day to day living out of the faith.

The People:

Imolesi are proud, well to do, social and family centered Italians. They are quite religious but lack personal knowledge of a Savior.

Primary Prayer Request:

For great connections to be made with the city official and government. That we would not have bureaucratic hindrances in our church planting endeavor.

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