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Spouse's Profile


Susie Gonzalez

My Story

I am the daughter of wonderful parents and have six sisters and one brother. We were raised outside of Chicago and now live all over the globe. I received Christ through the ministry of Young Life in high school, then at college met my husband, Martin, when we were both attending Campus Crusade for Christ. I have a degree in Elementary Education and worked in a kindergarten after graduating.

Though I was always interested in missions and helping the poor, after I became a Christian I realized that poverty of spirit was much worse than physical poverty. Martin and I decided to become missionaries due to the great need outside of the U.S. for the hope found in Christ and for solid Christian theology. After attending language school in Costa Rica with our two oldest children, we settled in La Paz, Mexico to plant a church. Our youngest was born in La Paz a year later so she is called a Paceña.

Our oldest two children went back to the U.S. for college and now our son is married and has a job in the solar energy field. Our second daughter is back here in La Paz with TEAMServe to work with the three different churches! She's very busy already. Our youngest daughter is enjoying art school and we also recognize that she is gifted in counseling.

I have enrolled in the masters of counseling program at Phoenix Seminary and studied there for the 2011-2012 school year. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to someday continue with the degree.


Martin and I have three adult children, one son and two daughters.

Ministry Focus:

With the Dresselhaus family and a Mexican family, the DuPonds, we planted La Paz de Cristo church.

Now Martin and I are helping organize our second church plant, El Faro. It has a pastor and leaders, but no formal elders or deacons yet. We are a happy church, meeting outside under a thatched roof, and we have many people who enjoy serving.We have many women's Bible studies during the week, one in which the hostess is on fire for the Lord and inviting everyone she knows.

Once a week, several women from both La Paz de Cristo and El Faro visit women in the La Paz prison. We sing, teach the scripture, bring them toilet paper and soap etc., share, cry and pray with them.

We are concerned about the spiritual poverty, ignorance and apathy that seems to pervade this area.

Therefore, besides helping with the preaching, Martin teaches theology in a seminary here in La Paz which boasts of many churches participating. I also teach an English class there which is really fun for me.

I am what is called a member care facilitator. I try to keep up with the women missionaries on the Mexico field and pray for them.

The People:

The People! There are fantastic people here in Baja. The Christians have gifts of faith like I do not see frequently elsewhere. One couple for instance, has had their pick-up in the shop now for 3 weeks. To get to church to serve as greeters and prepare the koolaid, it takes them over an hour of a bus ride. They are faithful.

One woman in the prison asked me what the Biblical author James meant when he wrote that faith without works was dead. Using my "counseling skills", instead of answering her question, I asked first what she thought it meant. I loved her insightful answer. "Well, I think it means that when someone asks you for some food, you just give it to them. Some people here say they're Christians but they don't share anything. Then one day when I was hungry because I didn't have any food left, I walked by the room of a friend, and she invited me to eat with her. She says that where there's enough food for one to eat, there's enough food for two." Can you see why I praise God for the wonderful people here in Mexico?

Primary Prayer Request:

To trust God that he'll give me the strength to do what he's called me to do and the discipline to prepare well for classes, meetings and other activities.

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