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Spouse's Profile


Dan Hubert

My Story

I grew up in a family of 10 children as the youngest. In my early years, we followed a religion of good works; if you worked hard, you would get into heaven. However, no one was able to tell me how good was "good enough." Eventually, I walked away from this in 8th grade. As a sophomore in high school, my older sister shared the good news that we did not have to work to get into heaven, only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept him into your life.


Bible School Teacher/ESL Instructor


Louise (Wife), 3 Children: Benjamin, Noah, and Daniel

Ministry Focus:

The focus of my ministry is teaching men from interior villages how to be pastors and leaders of their village churches. My secondary ministry is teaching English to locals at a community center and building bridges of trust that bear the weight of truth with those students.

The People:

The men that I work with at the Bible School primarily come from interior villages around the South Coast of Papua. Typically they come to the school with an equivalent 6th grade education.

Primary Prayer Request:

Pray that we would be able to reach the men that come to the Bible school with the hope of Jesus Christ and that they would be able to return to their villages to show this hope to others.

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