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[VIDEO] Zimbabwe: Life-Giving Goats

[VIDEO] Zimbabwe: Life-Giving Goats

Tawanda shows off his newest kid with pride. He was given a goat through the goat project a number of years ago and has now grown the number of goats he owns to four. Photo by Robert Johnson/TEAM

Over 1.4 million people living in Zimbabwe, fifteen percent of the population, have been diagnosed with AIDs1. By 2011, there were one million children living in Zimbabwe who had been orphaned as a result of parents dying from AIDs2. In a land plagued by disease, mothers are often unable to nurse due to health concerns. Many children are orphaned at a young age, left alone to find nourishment or die. Zimbabweans are facing the harsh realities of the AIDS epidemic, and countless children and orphans are suffering as a result. Karanda Mission Hospital, located in northern Zimbabwe, provides community healthcare,…

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