Archive - October 8, 2014

5 Tips for a Great Commissioning Service

5 Tips for a Great Commissioning Service

A small white boat gets ready to set sail in its commissioning service
The launching point of a ship's service is its "commissioning". When a new missionary is going abroad, it is important that they also be commissioned. Photo by Robert Johnson /TEAM

When a brand-new ship is ready to set sail, it is “commissioned.” The event is arranged by the ship’s builders and shareholders and serves as a public declaration that the vessel is seaworthy and ready for the voyage. The commissioning is the launching point of the ship’s active service. When a brand-new missionary is being deployed for service abroad, it is also important that they are commissioned. There are some great things that you and your church can do to “launch” your missionary. A commissioning service is an important time for both a missionary and his or her sending church….

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