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Vite Trasformate: Uncovering Lost Treasures

Vite Trasformate: Uncovering Lost Treasures

In Italy, Ruthi Brucato and Vite Trasformate are seeing lives changed through outreach to women exploited on Bologna's streets. Photo courtesy of Ruthi Brucato

Vite Trasformate reaches out to marginalized and exploited women on the streets of Bologna. They provide holistic support, including a place to stay and the message of the gospel. This story was originally written by Cara Davis and published in Horizons Magazine. Facts have been updated. Ruthi Brucato, a TEAM missionary in Italy, walks the street toward home with her son, Gabriel, 6, and daughter, Elianna, 7. On the corner stands a prostitute. Gabriel points and says, “Mommy, a treasure!” “That’s right, Gabriel,” Brucato says. “She is a treasure.” Ruthi and her husband Mark moved to Italy six years ago to join Nuova Vita (New Life) Church…

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