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Serving Here Before Going There

Serving Here Before Going There

cross cultural missions
The eagerness to go overseas is good. We should not shun the promptings of the Spirit to pursue international service if the Lord continues to confirm it. But neither should we neglect the opportunities to serve where we are, especially those who live within earshot and driving distance.

It’s an apartment complex. It’s the gymnasium. It’s the Mother’s-Day-Out program down the street. It’s the restaurants, workplaces and community gatherings. It’s in the city. These are where the people of the world live, work and play, and that is where the believer lives, works and plays. For most of us, when we think of cross-cultural ministry, our initial thoughts float toward airplanes, geographical borders and major unknowns. While this can be part of what it means to serve cross-culturally, it only paints the obvious picture. The more nuanced, yet immediate, definition could be walking across the street. Before Serving…

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