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8 Ways to Serve Missionaries on Home Assignment

8 Ways to Serve Missionaries on Home Assignment

ways to serve missionaries autstralia
Home assignment for missionaries is a time that should be restful, but for many it is chaotic and stressful. Here are eight ways you can meaningfully serve a missionary on home assignment. Photo by TEAM

Missionary home assignment is a time when missionaries return to their sending country to rest, refocus and connect with their support base. While a big goal of missionary home assignment is time to recharge before heading back to the mission field, many missionaries will tell you home assignment is not always relaxing. Traveling around their home country to see family, friends, supporters and sending churches can be wonderful, but it can also be tiring. Here are a few ways to serve missionaries on home assignment. 1. Arrange for Their Transportation Since many missionaries won’t have a car in North America,…

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