Archive - May 24, 2016

Planting a Future for Zimbabwe’s Aged-Out Orphans

Planting a Future for Zimbabwe’s Aged-Out Orphans

orphans in zimbabwe skills training
Many aged-out orphans in Zimbabwe face unemployment and a lack of skills to change their lives. But an agricultural training program is planting the seeds for a hopeful future. Photos courtesy of Steve and Anthea Love

“How can you go back and help the children of the very people who took your family’s livelihood?” a supporter asked TEAM missionary Anthea Love before she left for Zimbabwe. A missionary’s departure for the field doesn’t usually prompt questions about bitterness. But then, most missionaries aren’t returning to the nation where their family lost everything. Sixteen years ago, in an effort to right colonial-era wrongs, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe introduced land reform that seized 4,000 white farmers’ land. Among those farmers were Anthea’s parents. With a mix of corruption and poor execution, the redistribution project led to the collapse…

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