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TEAM Eats: Recipe for Savory Thai Peanut Noodles

TEAM Eats: Recipe for Savory Thai Peanut Noodles

Savory thai peanut noodles
Growing up in Southeast Asia gave missionary kid Emily Sheddan a long-lasting love for all things noodles and rice. She shares her recipe for delicious Savory Thai Peanut Noodles to share with your family, too.

If it’s anything noodles or rice, count me in. From the age of six, I’ve been told I can amazingly put away the food like a large Asian man. I love all of it and all of the strong flavors that come along with it like sesame, curries, ginger and garlic. Memories flood my mind of hawker stall delicacies from growing up in Southeast Asia. It wouldn’t matter if these were some of the dirtiest places to grab a plate of food either. What mattered and made people always come back was all the delicious choices from fried rice (nasi goreng)…

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