Archive - August 15, 2016

What Do You Really Think of Us?

What Do You Really Think of Us?

homeless ministry guatemala
Life for homeless youth in Guatemala is characterized by cyclical poverty, addiction, and little hope for the future. But when a pastor started building relationships with these kids on the streets, he found out that they didn't need more preaching. They needed the gospel. Photo by TEAM

“What do you really think of us, drug-addicts and homeless people?” Angel asked me. I paused. He, like many of the “jovenes de la calle“ (street kids), has been living in the streets since he was a kid. Now, at 22, he’s seen it all, lived it all. He’s used drugs as a regular escape. He’s found ways to survive with barely any income. He’s been pushed out of churches and restaurants because he’s asking people for money, because he’s high or just because he doesn’t look presentable. He’s seen ministries come and go, do their good deed, pass out…

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