Archive - September 13, 2016

4 Ways Pastors Can Prepare Future Missionaries [Free Resource]

4 Ways Pastors Can Prepare Future Missionaries [Free Resource]

ways pastors can prepare missionaries
Church leaders, you are key players in preparing a potential missionary for cross-cultural service. Here are actionable steps to shepherding missionaries in your church. Photo by TEAM

Someone comes to you, their pastor, and says they feel called to ministry. That’s awesome! But what can your church do from there? The temptation could be to send potential missionaries from your church to a missions agency and let the organization take care of the rest. While agencies have valuable resources for churches, many agencies agree: The local church is the one God has called and equipped to fulfill the Great Commission. That means the church gets to play an important role in assessing and preparing missionary candidates for global ministry. Below are four areas where church participation and support…

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