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7 Critical Things I Learned as a Refugee Volunteer

7 Critical Things I Learned as a Refugee Volunteer

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Cross cultural relationships aren’t neat and tidy. They require flexibility, humility and compromise. I felt this personally in my friendship with Burundian refugees this year. Here’s what I wish I would have known from the beginning. Photo by TEAM

As a missions coach at TEAM, I love getting to walk alongside others who feel called to international ministry. But I was challenged early on by an applicant who asked, “What are you doing in cross-cultural ministry?” A little jarred, I honestly responded, “Great question. I can tell you that right now, I’m not involved.” That moment launched the past year of befriending and loving refugees in Knoxville, Tennessee. After that conversation, I did some research and found a local nonprofit agency committed to providing protection and assistance in refugees’ journeys. They set me up as an English tutor for…

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