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Eight Meals Until They Get to Eat

Eight Meals Until They Get to Eat

orphan care south africa
When Zama was 17, she was orphaned and left to care for her four younger siblings. On the weekends she never knew where their meals would come from. Then she met Bonga.

The sickness that struck Zama’s parents might have been AIDS, or it could have been an ordinary illness. For Zama, the results were the same: By the time she was 17, she was head of her household, caretaker to four younger siblings and balancing high school concerns alongside the worry of where she would get her next meal. The weekends were the worst. Zama’s school provided free lunches during the week, giving the children just enough strength to get through an evening and morning with no dinner or breakfast. After Friday’s lunch, they were on their own. For the next…

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