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What Does a Missions Coach Do? [Photo Journal]

What Does a Missions Coach Do? [Photo Journal]

missions coach
A missions coach helps people connect their talents and passions with an opportunity to serve on the mission field. Learn more about their ministry of mobilization below. Photos by Leslie Lesher

Deciding to become a missionary is a complex, faith-stretching and, sometimes, lengthy process. Questions like “How do I know if I’m really called?” or “What will I actually do overseas?” are not always easy to answer. To help, every potential missionary with TEAM journeys with a missions coach. Coaches answer questions, make ministry connections and, most importantly, pray with every person in the process. Leslie Lesher has been serving as a TEAM missions coach since 2016. Scroll through her photo journal below to learn what a missions coach does and how she can help you find the right missions opportunity….

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