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How a Water Bottling Factory is Reaching Orphans

How a Water Bottling Factory is Reaching Orphans

reaching orphans
In South Africa, an HIV epidemic has orphaned over 2 million children. Read how two missionaries are using their skills in engineering and marketing to help these children flourish. Photo courtesy of Brett and Kara Richstone

“Why don’t you have HIV?” “Why do we have HIV if we haven’t had sex?” “Why don’t we see our parents on holidays?” These aren’t questions a typical engineer deals with during work. But for Brett Richstone, a TEAM missionary and water bottling plant manager, nothing about the last few years has been typical. He starts his day with factory maintenance, applying for licenses or filling orders for fresh spring water. But by the afternoon, he’s leading a Bible study, buying groceries for an entire village and having heart-to-heart conversations with children affected by HIV and AIDS. It all began…

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