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5 Women Who Were Trailblazers in Missions

5 Women Who Were Trailblazers in Missions

women in missions
These women won't be recorded in history books, but their lives of gospel service will be remembered in eternity. Photos by TEAM

When you think of women in missions, names like Elisabeth Elliot, Lottie Moon and Amy Carmichael might come to mind. Their well-documented lives continue to inspire both men and women to live lives fully yielded to the Gospel. But the legacy of women on the mission field doesn’t end with them. For hundreds of years, women have been the lifeblood of missions, crossing enemy lines, healing the sick and even risking their lives to spread the Gospel. Today, we want to share just a few of the amazing stories you haven’t heard yet. Stella Cox In 1950, young Stella Sluder…

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