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Wells of Hope for Muslims in Chad [VIDEO]

Wells of Hope for Muslims in Chad [VIDEO]

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In Chad, a well ministry is making life easier for people who previously had to walk for miles just to gather water. But even greater: Muslim villages are getting to hear the Gospel for the first time! Watch this video to learn more. Video by TEAM

Video Transcript: Scott Downing has been drilling wells in southeastern Chad for over three years. He works with local Muslim men to find safe sources of drinking water. It improves the villagers’ health. And it shows the love of Jesus. Scott says, “I’ll probably say it a number of times, but it’s really just a tool for us to be with people. So we don’t want it to be all-consuming, and the equipment be so cumbersome that it drives our ministry. We just want to use it as a tool to be with people. “We call it ‘mat time.’ We’re…

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