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Preaching the Gospel with a Paintbrush

Preaching the Gospel with a Paintbrush

creative arts ministry thailand
In Thailand, a creative arts ministry is giving new meaning to the “art of evangelism.” Discover how Buddhists are learning about Jesus through paintings. Photo by TEAM

Every artist has a story to tell. Some tell it through vague symbolism. Others let you take away your own meaning. But when TEAM missionary Kennedy Paizs sits down at his easel, he makes no attempts at subtlety. He creates art to lead Thai Buddhists to Christ. On any given day, you might find Kennedy painting Bible stories, co-hosting an art show or telling Bible stories while volunteers paint illustrations. “It is a good, fun way to interact with people,” Kennedy says. “We get to talk about the painting, and it’s not so directly about them, even though they know…

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