Archive - May 22, 2017

8 Things Missionaries Wish Their Supporters Knew

8 Things Missionaries Wish Their Supporters Knew

For many missionaries, it’s difficult to share the nitty-gritty of missionary life with their supporters. To give voice to the unsaid, here are eight things missionaries wish their supporters knew.

For every missionary sharing the Gospel cross-culturally, there is a team of people making the work possible from sending churches to the many individuals praying and giving financially. No one can serve alone. But even though missionaries share a tight bond with their supporters, it can be hard to honestly share the ins and outs of missionary life. To shine a light on the things unsaid, we asked several missionaries, “What do you wish your supporters knew?” Their answers might surprise you. “Sometimes I feel like I’m not adding anything to my team.” Going from a life of ministry in…

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