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Building a Kingdom of Diversity

Building a Kingdom of Diversity

African-American missionaries
From their 20-plus years of missionary work in Africa to their continued service in the States, David and Marjory Patrick have been trailblazers for promoting diversity in missions. | Photo courtesy of David Patrick

As she listened to African-American missionaries from her home church tell their stories in front of the congregation, 14-year-old Marjory heard a voice — small at first, but distinct. She was completely enthralled with these brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the sake of the Gospel. Could she ever be like them? Then, she heard the voice again. Louder this time, and clearer: “You are looking at your future.” Several years later, a visiting pastor offered David Patrick a pamphlet called “Hearing the Call of God.” David flipped through it as the author, David…

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