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Why Missionary Kids Need Missionaries, Too

Why Missionary Kids Need Missionaries, Too

discipling missionary kids
Even though missionary kids grow up in a Christian atmosphere, it's not uncommon for them to struggle with their faith. See how one TEAM missionary couple is reaching these students in the Philippines. Photo courtesy of Laura O'Day

When it comes to reaching the lost, few people think of missionary kids. After all, their parents are the ultimate Christians, right? But according to TEAM missionaries Seth and Laura O’Day, the MK status as super Christian offspring can be exactly what hinders them from becoming devout believers themselves. “They’ve gotten used to burying things … because it looks bad for their family if they’re obviously having a problem with something,” says Seth. And what could look worse than an MK having doubts about God? When MKs struggle with their faith, many would rather pretend than reach out for help….

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