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From AIDS Orphan to Aspiring Doctor

From AIDS Orphan to Aspiring Doctor

AIDS orphan
Nandi was orphaned by AIDS at a young age, but thanks to the support of friends like you, she now has more opportunities than she ever dreamed possible. Photo by TEAM

Most AIDS orphans couldn’t dream of becoming military doctors or getting into politics. Most don’t get to lead Bible studies or vacation Bible school classes. But because of friends like you, 17-year-old Nandi is dreaming big and using her gifts for God! Read on to find out how you changed Nandi’s life! Orphaned at 3 Nandi lost her mom and brother when she was just 3 years old. And though she was young, she treasures her memories of them. Her mom was an elementary school teacher. Her brother was smart and a good friend. And tuberculosis and HIV killed them…

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