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When an Unreached People Lets Down Its Walls

When an Unreached People Lets Down Its Walls

Dar Sila region
TEAM missionary Tillie Tiller has worked with the people in the Dar Sila region for three years now. She's seen the need for the Gospel — and how much work there is left to do. Will you join her?

One of the most unreached people groups in the world — and eight others — has suddenly been made reachable. And you’ve probably never heard of the place these people call home. The Setting Traditionally closed-off and isolated, Dar Sila, Chad, was forced to open its doors when civil war broke out in neighboring Sudan. Suddenly, the region was flooded with a mass of Sudanese refugees trying to escape the atrocities of war, as well as well-meaning aid workers. But most aid organizations only helped the refugees, while the host population watched their already-sparse supply of natural resources dwindle. The…

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