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Combating Spiritual Corruption in Africa [February Prayer Focus]

Combating Spiritual Corruption in Africa [February Prayer Focus]

Bible schools
Spiritual deprivation and corruption run rampant in southern Africa. Keep reading to see how you can help fight this deprivation by praying for Gospel-centered discipleship among southern African nationals. Photo by TEAM

“The greatest need in Africa is for good leaders,” says Eric Binion, a TEAM missionary to South Africa. Many southern Africans claim to be Christians but if you look closer, their faith is often mixed with traditional animistic religion. Others fall into churches that preach nothing but the prosperity gospel. As a result, spiritual deprivation and corruption run rampant. That’s why Bible colleges and institutes in Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho are so vital — and why prayers for their success are so important. This month, will you pray with us for the success of healthy, true biblical teachings in…

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