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Children Freed from Sex and Alcohol

Children Freed from Sex and Alcohol

Superrose wanted to share the Gospel in her native country of Swaziland, but she couldn't afford Bible college and ministry training... without friends like you. Photo by TEAM

In a remote Swaziland community, kids openly skip school, drink alcohol and ask each other for sex — by the age of 8 years old. Their parents are no better off. Jobs are scarce, and adults are desperate to escape the hopelessness they feel. But that only compounds the problem. Many parents can’t provide for their families because they’ve spent their money buying sex and marijuana. It’s no wonder that by the time Ayize turned 16, she was already a mother and a dropout. She was hopeless . . . until she met a woman named Superrose. Training Swazis to Reach Swazis…

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