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Forced to Start Over — with Nothing [June Prayer Focus]

Forced to Start Over — with Nothing [June Prayer Focus]

refugee ministries
Around the world, refugees are being displaced every day. Read how refugee ministries are addressing this crisis and how you can pray. Photo by TEAM

Fear swept over Farrah* as rebel soldiers pulled her family over to the side of the road. They hadn’t even made it to the Jordanian border yet. She and her family had packed all their money in socks and fled their Iraqi village after rebel forces took over. But now, here they were, face-to-face with the people they were trying to escape. When the soldiers yelled for everyone to get out of the vehicle, Farrah obeyed. Instantly, there was a gun at her head. She knew they wanted the money. Slipping a hand inside one of the socks, she thought,…

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