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‘All This Will End’: A Refugee’s Story

‘All This Will End’: A Refugee’s Story

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As a single mom to nine kids, Amal knew hardship. But nothing could prepare her for the devastation she'd face when Syria went to war. Photo by TEAM

It had been three days since Amal* lost her son in a bombing outside Aleppo. Not lost as in dead. Lost. Missing. Gone. Kadan was playing in the street with his friends when a plane dropped a bomb on them. It killed two children and shot shrapnel through 11-year-old Kadan’s abdomen. Kadan’s brother ran home to tell the family, but Amal wasn’t home. Rescue workers quickly loaded Kadan into an ambulance. By the time Amal got home and heard the news, her son was gone. Amal rushed to the local hospital, but Kadan had already been transferred somewhere else. In…

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