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TEAM Eats: Recipe for Mango Lassi

TEAM Eats: Recipe for Mango Lassi

mango lassi recipe
Refreshing and nutritious? You can't go wrong with fresh lassi. Get a taste of India and discover TEAM's take on the mango lassi recipe! Photo by TEAM

The colder, the better! At least, that’s how I like my mango lassi drink. Originally from India and parts of Pakistan, the lassi is a common dessert drink where I grew up in Southeast Asia. After a hot and spicy meal, it’s not only refreshing, but it also has many nutritional benefits. Good mangos are harder to come by now that I live in East Tennessee. But thankfully, this recipe can be made with mango pulp out of a can from your local Asian market. Some say it’s even better than the mango chunks because your lassi will have a better…

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