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When Life Gives You Anxiety… Start a Debate Team?

When Life Gives You Anxiety… Start a Debate Team?

student with anxiety
Melissa's anxiety disorder used to keep her from school and activities she enjoyed — like debate team. Would switching schools be the answer? Read her story to find out!

The panic attacks could hit at any time — on the way to school, in class, hanging out with friends. One moment, Melissa was an ordinary schoolgirl. The next, she was gasping for breath, suffocating on the sidewalk. What made it extra baffling was that Melissa wasn’t a shy kid. She was outgoing, friendly and determined. And yet, these panic attacks were slowly taking over her life. As Melissa started the 11th grade, she wondered how she would make it through the year. And soon, she would lose grip of everything. Too Anxious for School Melissa’s school was well-organized, with…

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