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Bloodied and Bruised for the Gospel [November Prayer Focus]

Bloodied and Bruised for the Gospel [November Prayer Focus]

persecuted church
Across the globe, millions of Christians are fighting for their lives — and the Gospel. This month, discover how you can pray for the persecuted Church.

It started out like any other day for Aasiya, one of the only known Christians in her town. The Pakistani wife and mother of two had gone out that morning to gather falsa berries with some other local women. When they asked Aasiya to get water for them from a nearby well, she did. But she was parched, so she also took a sip for herself. Enraged, the other women accused Aasiya of blasphemy and claimed she had defiled their water. Later, more of her neighbors raided her house. They left her bloodied and bruised when the police finally intervened….

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