Archive - November 21, 2018

When Sharing the Gospel is a Crime

When Sharing the Gospel is a Crime

In Khaan and Shaima’s country, sharing the Gospel is a crime punishable by death. But by God’s grace, they’re finding ways to minister!

Zarak* had been a student at Khaan’s* Bible correspondence school for months. But when the two men finally met in person, Zarak said something completely unexpected: “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Khaan lives in an Islamic country, where direct evangelism is punishable by death. So, the TEAM correspondence school he worked for had to be discreet. They placed ads in newspapers, offering to educate people on the lives of the prophets. When people responded, the school took them through a series of lessons that came straight from the Bible. Khaan’s role involved connecting students to the correspondence school. Every so…

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