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The Day Evil Spirits Stopped Being Scary

The Day Evil Spirits Stopped Being Scary

Man in cloud of incense
Jian was completely non-religious — until it came to appeasing his ancestors. What would it take to break their hold over him?

Having kids creates all kinds of fears: careless babysitters, cleaning supplies, everything a child could possibly put in her mouth. But Jian’s fear was far more sinister. Jian* was worried about relatives — his dead relatives. Whatever their personalities in life, Jian’s ancestors were fearsome in death. They had to be placated every April or they would wreak havoc. Or so Jian was taught. And if they wanted to hurt Jian, what better way than to hurt his daughter? As an atheist, Jian knew he shouldn’t be afraid of ghosts. Yet, he couldn’t help but wonder, what if it was…

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