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From Ancestor Worship to Jesus Worship

From Ancestor Worship to Jesus Worship

Missionaries try to reach people who are caught in ancestor worship like these people here.
Through your support, people like Dumisani are freed from the practices of ancestor worship. Now they're learning to study the Bible for themselves!

Dumisani was a good South African. He grew up believing everything his parents taught him — to go to church on Sundays, but then to worship the ancestors and put his faith in traditional healers the rest of the week. But when he started his freshman year of college, a group called the Zion Students Christian Organization caught his attention. Out of curiosity, Dumisani began attending some of their Bible studies. The more Dumisani learned about the Word, the more it challenged everything he thought he knew about salvation. And at one open-air church service on campus, Dumisani was faced…

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