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April Team Eats: Recipe for Sadza

April Team Eats: Recipe for Sadza

Learn how to cook maize like a Zimbabwean with this recipe for Sadza and Peanut Butter Greens!

Maize is the staple food for most tribes in Zimbabwe. People often make a maize dish called sadza, where they cook cornmeal like a thick cream of wheat and serve it with cooked greens. The sadza is mounded high and people generally pinch off some, make a small ball, indent it with their thumb and use it to scoop up veggies. My husband, Jon, and I especially enjoy peanut butter cooked greens. Check out how to make sadza and peanut butter greens for yourself!   Ingredients for Sadza: 1¼ cups white cornmeal/corn flour Water Ingredients for Peanut Butter Greens 1…

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