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Experience, Wisdom and Language Learning [May Prayer Focus]

Experience, Wisdom and Language Learning [May Prayer Focus]

A woman in her golden years runs errands
For missionaries serving in their golden years, mission work presents some unique challenges. Join us this month in praying for missionaries over the age of 50 working all around the world.

“Why can’t you stay with us?” The question came from TEAM missionary Georgia Landis’ 6-year-old granddaughter, sitting in the backseat of the car. Georgia was on her way to the airport to return to the mission field. Her daughter drove, with her two kids in the backseat.   After a lovely visit in the States, the heart-wrenching moment that no one was ever ready for had rolled around: It was time to say goodbye. Again. The coming separation had Georgia and her daughter in tears. So when her granddaughter innocently asked her to stay, it was nearly impossible to say…

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