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Reaching the Lost in North America [August Prayer Focus]

Reaching the Lost in North America [August Prayer Focus]

An American missionary and a Muslim refugee embrace despite their different religions.
This month, we are praying for missionaries in North America who bring the Gospel to unreached peoples in our own backyards!

It’s the news no parent ever wants to hear: “Your child is sick.” Joram and Ousa were living in a foriegn country — the violence in Syria forced them to flee as refugees to Jordan. They were just starting to settle into life there when they got the diagnosis.  Their son, Adnan, had leukoencephalopathy, a disease that affects white matter in the brain. By the time they were able to get asylum in the U.S., Adnan’s illness had advanced to the point that he was bedridden and unable to communicate.  That’s when Joram and Ousa met TEAM missionaries Miles and…

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