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Bitter Enemies Reunited in Christ

Bitter Enemies Reunited in Christ

Julio and Libia sit together and study the Bible.
You would never guess that Julio and LIbia were once bitter enemies. Keep reading to see the amazing way God worked in their lives!

On Sunday mornings, Libia and Julio don’t look like anything special. Just two close friends worshiping God, maybe imagining their future together. You would never guess that this time last year, they wouldn’t speak to each other — much less be in the same room together. Or that they were bitter enemies for five long years. The fact that they happily sit together at church now? TEAM missionary Dawn Moore says it’s nothing short of a miracle.   Peruvian Couple Seeks Better Life in States Libia and Julio’s relationship was complicated from the beginning.  They both grew up in Peru as…

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