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If You Want to Reach Mom, Teach Her Kids ESL

If You Want to Reach Mom, Teach Her Kids ESL

Two women sit and discuss the Bible
All over the world, Christians are taking advantage of the opportunity to share the Gospel through ESL. Keep reading to see how TEAM missionaries in Mexico used it to reach Aitana!

Aitana didn’t know much about Jesus. Although she lived in an area of Mexico that was strong in religious traditions, her understanding of spiritual things was vague. Even after she grew up, got married and became a mother, Aitana had questions.  She couldn’t understand the emphasis in her culture on worshiping saints. It seemed like there was a major focus on bringing lots of offerings, too. Was she doing enough good deeds to get into heaven? Would the sins she struggled with, like pride, be her undoing? Little did Aitana know that an English class would help her find the…

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