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On an Island Without the Bible

On an Island Without the Bible

Simson led the Bible translation team for the Hatam Bible. Here he sits at his desk.
Simson was desperate for a Hatam-language Bible. But he never imagined he would join — and ultimately lead — the Bible translation team that made it happen.

Imagine this: You’re on an island, and you can only keep a few Bible verses. The rest will be wiped from your memory. Which verses do you choose? Give it just a little thought, and the question quickly becomes complicated. You could use up all the verses on explaining Gospel. But what about God’s character? What pleases God? How does He think of you? How should you relate to others in light of Christ? Even if you had years to choose, you would agonize over what you were missing. But you might understand a little of what Simson Dowansiba felt….

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