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TEAM Eats: Creamy Chicken Curry from Pakistan

TEAM Eats: Creamy Chicken Curry from Pakistan

Creamy Chicken Curry
This Pakistani curry is creamy, nutty and all kinds of delicious. Check out the recipe for a taste of culture your family will love.

Today’s recipe comes all the way from missionaries in Pakistan. This delightfully saucy chicken curry is packed with deep flavors and spices that all meld together to create a warm, nutty taste. And unlike many Pakistani dishes, this one isn’t super spicy, making it a great introduction to the country’s cuisine. If you enjoy flavorful food that does not singe your tastebuds, you’ll love this chicken curry! As you cook, take some time to pray for fellow believers in Pakistan. In this part of the world, Christians experience extreme persecution. Churches are often vandalized and Christians can be beaten and…

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