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One Man’s 30-Year Search for a Bible

One Man’s 30-Year Search for a Bible

A man reads a Bible
After his Bible was stolen, Diyar spent decades searching for another one. How would he find one without knowing any Christians?

Thirty years ago, Diyar owned the most powerful book in the world. He didn’t fully understand it. It went against everything he’d ever heard about God. And he knew he had to find its meaning. But the book was too powerful to go unnoticed, especially in Diyar’s Middle Eastern country. Someone discovered Diyar’s book and stole it from him. Diyar tried everything he could to find another copy, but it was impossible. Impossible, until his wife, Talora, attended an ordinary wedding. A “Chance” Encounter Talora didn’t expect anything unusual to happen at the wedding. But as she got ready, a…

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