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Island Tribes Building the Church [May Prayer Focus]

Island Tribes Building the Church [May Prayer Focus]

A TEAM missionary hugs her Papuan friend.
60 years ago, the Hatam Tribe didn't have the Gospel — but now they do! And they're working hard to continue establishing the church in Papua.

A lot can happen in 60 years. And no one knows this better than the Hatam tribe of Papua, Indonesia. See, just 60 years ago, people in this tribe were all afraid of each other. Violent murders were a normal part of life. But now, thanks to the work of TEAM missionaries, the Hatam have come to know Christ! They no longer fear one another or live in violence. They go to church and learn about the Bible. They are learning to love one another like Jesus loves them. But turning from a society reliant on violence to a society…

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