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Should You Pursue Missions During COVID-19?

Should You Pursue Missions During COVID-19?

TEAM Christian missionaries ministering to a local kid in Mexico
COVID-19 is changing much about missions. But does that mean you should put your plans for cross-cultural ministry on hold?

For years, the missions community has talked about how the world is globalizing. We’ve told you it’s easier than ever to go abroad and live a life of cross-cultural service for God. But these days, travel isn’t so easy. If you had dreams of becoming a missionary before COVID-19, you might be wondering: Should I just wait to pursue missions until COVID-19 is over? What if I raise support and then have to cancel my short-term mission trip? What if the country I want to serve won’t let me in because of COVID-19 safeguards? They’re all reasonable concerns. Yet, God…

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